International trucks are one of the most famous wreckers and tow trucks. International is the brand name of the truck and they are manufactured by Navistar International Corporation. Navistar through International trucks caters to all indutries and business needs requiring trucks with there broad range and variety of International trucks. In this respect they are similar to Hino trucks brand which is owned by Toyota Motors.

The types of International trucks includes International beverage trucks, International recovery and wrecker trucks (including International Rollback tow trucks, International Mixers, International oil trucks, International garbage trucks for waste collection and International utility trucks.

International trucks have their own brands and models. So it’s easy for one to narrow down the search in International trucks if one is looking for a truck for a specific purpose. You can use their brands, models, weight class and truck class category to easily choose the best Use our simple truck finder to narrow down your search and find the truck that fits your work.

Navistar makes International trucks to cater to these different industries and sectors by having several models of trucks. These International truck models include International 9000 series, International CityStar, Internationa DuraStar trucks not to mention LoneStar and PayStar International trucks. You also find Internation ProStar, TerraStar, TranStar and WorkStar truck series. With so many models manufactured in different ways for market segments and heavy vehicle weight classes. Talking about truck weight classification International makes trucks in Class 4, Class 5, Class 7, Class 8 only. They don’t have light duty trucks like for example Ford’s F150 or so. All International trucks are either medium duty or heavy duty and super or severe duty classified trucks. They are strictly purpose built not as use as passenger trucks or sport utility trucks.

This is a glace at the kind of International trucks available. We didn’t go into detail about International truck models but skimmed the variety and brand names of different kinds of International trucks. Next time you see a International truck you can identify them by their business usage, truck series, gross vehicle weight class or vehicle category.