My Towing Company

The towing business is one of the most lucrative in the world and that is one of the primary factors that lured me to get into it and I will continue to do it even when the road gets tough. So, here is my story about how I started this towing company.


Getting Towed All the Time

The people who say that their cars have never been towed are either liars or have exceptional and abnormal driving skills. Before starting this company, I used to get towed almost once or twice per month until I decided enough is enough and actually invested in my own company that I so love managing and seeing it grow everyday.

Getting Financing

The financing part was the most difficult because not so many people are actually willing to give this kind of companies the financial support that they need so badly. I however managed to get financed by a local bank that got interested in my company. I went ahead and hired a number of people who help me to manage the money by showing me what to invest it in before we run broke.

Getting Clients

I did get clients the hard way because we been a young team, most of the companies were skeptical about giving us the big projects. I personally used social media to do my marketing but soon graduated to another marketing platform that was more effective in marketing the company to the audience that I wanted to hire us.

That is my story, what is yours?

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