2010 Hino 258ALP Roll Back Truck – Toyota Flatbed

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Manufactured by the Toyota Group owned company Hino Motors and with the features and advantages and the features specified below, the Hino 258ALP Roll Back tow truck is one of most selling rollback tow trucks in the world today. If you are looking for a tow truck on sale Hino’s flagship 258ALP Roll Back tow truck is definitely worth going out to the nearest Hino truck dealer and checking out.

hino 258alp rollback

Hino is the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of rollbacks, tow trucks and wreckers. Hino Motors specializes in offering class 4-7 commercial tow trucks and carriers, and is the fastest growing medium duty truck company in America according to recent studies.

Coming back to the wrecker in question, Hino 258ALP is fitted with the Hino’s renown, innovative Hino engine. As is well known by tow and other truckers Hino engines are well known for its performance, quality, engine warranty and innovative engine designs. This Hino 258ALP tow truck is fitted with a Hino J08E-TV engine and ranges in for medium duty trucks. It has a max output of 220 hp at 2500 rpm and max torque of 520 lb-ft at 1500 rpm. The truck’s gross vehicle weight or GVW is 25,550 lbs. or pounds. It also six speed and comes with Allison 2200 RDS.

As common with rollbacks the Hino 2back flatbed is hydraulically inclined and moved to ground level allowing vehicles to be driven on to or be pulled by a winch and towed.

Overall all these features makes 258ALP Hino Rollback tow truck a very dependable, high performance and fuel efficient vehicle worth the cost of ownership. These Hino trucks also enjoy a good second hand market value. Hino tow truck prices vary from second hand ones for $40,000 to new Hino 258ALP Roll Back 2010 – 2011 for sale at $75,000 plus depending on equipment and options.

So what do you think about the Hino Rollback 258ALP truck? If you want to buy a tow truck, will you go for a Hino Rollback 258 Truck?

Ford Rollback Tow Trucks – Issues To Consider

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One of greatest advantages with the Ford rollback tow trucks is that they are easier and cheap to run compared to other boom type wreckers. In fact, they are probably the best in auto recovery industry. If you are thinking of buying one of these used rollback trucks, then that is a good decision. Most of the Ford rollbacks are are sold online and only a few used Car and truck dealers will have any in their catalog, which leaves the internet as the only viable source to locate the best deals and selections. You can almost always find several Ford rollbacks for sale in our tow trucks for sale section or Ebay Motors tow trucks section. Checking out rollbacks and transacting online is not any different from using conventional means. The most amazing thing is the volume of the Ford flatbed vehicles available online to the first time visitor which opens doors to more bargains.

A Ford F550 Rollback Truck

The prudent thing is to find these a tow trucks for sale that are close to where you live. Basically, not many clients will be willing to travel across the country to view a vehicle. Having identified one or more vehicles that you like, you may commence the process of contacting the seller to get details on each vehicle. Many clients will begin to eliminate vehicles as details come in about the vehicles. Perhaps the truck may miss the particular options the client requires or the buyer may have doubts as to whether the tow trucks for sale are in good condition.

The bottom line is you should not be afraid to ask questions about a potential truck. A competent seller will be much more than willing to answer all questions from prospective buyers. Be wary of a seller who seems reluctant to answer your questions or tries to dodge or shift the subject matter to something else. An honest seller will bring your attention to known defects and make sure the buyer is aware where the problem may arise in the future.

The most trusted and reputed sites have varied ways of protecting clients. Adhere to the guides that these sites have installed to protect buyers. Finally, safe and secure transactions are also major concerns for all parties involved. Purchasing used Ford rollback towtrucks online is not only safe but easy.

Used Flatbed Tow Trucks

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Every flatbed tow truck brand and model has special features of its own and so if you are looking for flatbed tow trucks for sale browse around the Internet to add knowledge on the exact features and prices of these trucks.

From towing automobiles to transporting goods, farm products and various other purposes today people consider buying used flatbed tow trucks. This is because flatbed trucks are easy to use suitable vehicle for multiple purposes.

As a wrecker and recovery truck,the  flatbed tow truck might refer to tow trucks with a movable rollback tow truck bed that tilts and allows vehicles to be driven onto them. However flatbed tow trucks refer to a much more broader category of trucks.  Flatbed tow trucks or flatbed trucks can imply any truck model with the truck backside which has no roof. This gives flatbed trucks unmatched flexibility against other kinds of trucks. So if you buy a used flatbed tow truck you can use for all kinds of jobs and needs.

The truck’s flatbed can be rigid or articulate depending on the model and intended use. You can have one of tree types of flatbed trucks. They are the level flatbed truck, drop desk flatbed trucks and extended flatbeds. And flatbed trucks are mostly heavy duty truck models.

Having no roof and a flat truck bed at the back gives you the ability to load it with and transport things of any height in the back. This has made this truck model a favorite in farming and livestock. This type of trucks can be seen in countryside used for transporting fertilizer, livestock like cows, chickens and hay. In cities and urban areas flatbed tow trucks are used for transporting cement, heavy construction materials and other things to different places. Ford 650 flatbeds, Chevy 5500 flatbeds,  GMC C6500 flatbeds, Mack flatbeds, International Flatbeds are just a few popular models you will see a lot in the second hand flatbed market for sale.

Now we have covered here a small overview of a great type of truck about how it works and its usefulness and now we invite you to share your thoughts and preferences regarding flatbed trucks in the comments.

Jerr Dan Wreckers & Tow Trucks For Light Duty Vehicle Recovery

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Jerr Dan wrecker tow trucks is one of the leaders and most popular wrecker trucks in America today. They have been supplying the towing and recovery industry with high quality, heavy duty and stylish Jerr Dan branded wreckers for several decades now. Jerr Dan wreckers such as the Jerr Dan MPL40 tow truck has a very good reputation in the vehicle recovery and towing industry with high performance, customer satisfaction, quality build and innovative technology and equipment.

So if you want to buy a wrecker for recovery work Jerr Dan tow trucks are a very good investment for you. For example take the Jerr Dan MPL40 wreckers which are designed and used for light duty recovery or towing jobs. This MPL40 Jerr Dan truck for towing can handle just about any kind of towing job you expect from a truck in the light duty towing category and is a clear leader among wrecking trucks.

For your information, Jerr Dan wreckers like the Jerr Dan MPL 40 come in many different varieties and are built on truck chassis models of different truck manufacturers like Dodge 5500 4×4 truck chassis. In a light duty wrecker like this Jerr Dan wrecker you will also find a impressive number of recovery equipment and tools. All tools and gadgets you need while you are on a tow job can be found if you buy a good Jerr Dan made wrecker truck.

For example Dodge 5500 4×4 truck cap with chassis setup to a Jerr-Dan MPL40 wrecker tow truck is popular variety of this JerrDan wrecker. The range of equipment and tools you find such a Jerr-Dan MPL40 wrecker is just awesome. You find it equipped to handle all kinds of tasks with lifting, towing, winching, and all the gadgets. Below we mention just some random features and options you find on a say Dodge Jerr-Dan MPL40 Wrecker Light Duty Recovery Truck.

While other wreckers lack many equipment and features in their design and configuration it is just second nature to find a good brand new or used Jerr Dan wrecker for sale like a Dodge Jerr-Dan MPL40 truck with many essential and optional towing accessories and fittings. For example you will find a place for every accessory like a car tow dolly and wheel dollies which you may need at times. You will also mind in these wrecker tow trucks mounts for shovels, trash cans, fuel cans, floor jacks, go-jacks, brooms, tow-lights, dolly axles, custom taillight housings, aluminum trim for the chain pockets & the front of the body. These are just some of most common recovery truck accessories mounted on the decks of the Jerdan wreckers. So if you want to buy wrecker tow trucks Jerdan wreckers are a safe bet.

Flatbed Rollback Tow Truck Parts For Sale Any Model

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If you are looking for parts and accessories for rollback tow trucks or flatbed tow trucks I can not stress the importance of having the right and best rollback tow truck parts for the essential parts of the tow truck. These essential rollback tow truck parts include among others the parts and accessories or sometimes called gears like the best and correct type of tow hooks and towing straps or tow chains for attaching and securing the towed car or vehicle to your rollback tow truck.

The tow hooks are going to keep your towed car or vehicle secure while tow straps will keep the vehicle on your rollback’s flatbed in place while you are transporting it. It is this place where we face the problems. Where do we get good tow truck parts. Rollback tow trucks are relatively fewer in number in any given locality and so most local truck dealers may not have in stock your rollback tow truck model parts or if they have it may not be the best. Ordering from the truck manufacturer through a dealer or yourself takes lots of time you usually don’t have. Sometimes flatbed trucks are modified flatbeds that were created from some other normal truck like say a converted dump truck. In this cases too finding the best possible parts for the rollback tow truck you have is very difficult to say the least. But this does not diminish the fact you can buy the second best parts for your rollback in the market or make do with some other tow part that “looks OK”. The looks OK attitude may well end up looks dead or looks like hell!

According to well experienced wreckers and truckers in the towing industry there are many a example where the Internet has help desperate rollback truck owners and rollback truck part hunters where every other way failed them to get the best part for their trucks. So I think when it comes to a specialty tow truck or wrecker like our rollback or flatbed truck here, the online good industrial truck shops and dealers will help alot. A good place like to look for rollback and other tow truck related parts is Amazon.com. For example the other day, on Amazon I found a very good, well built looking, metal D-ring tie down of the kind you don’t find at normal tow truck parts and accessory shops in every town. In addition I’m sure there are scores of websites and online dealers you can rely on for parts for your roll back tow trucks if your local search failed you or to get a good idea about the best hooks, straps or even tires, seating for your truck. You can find literally just about any rollback tow truck parts here on the Internet.

Best Suitable Rollback Tow Truck Parts And Tow Accessories

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The amount of towing and services you can get from rollback tow trucks depends as much on the rollback tow truck you got as well as having the right tow truck parts, accessories and gear. It is only then you can get the best from your flatbed tow truck. This brings us to the conclusion that to get the best from any rollback tow truck you have to have the most suitable and best parts and accessories for that truck available in the market. The tow truck part dealers say so, sellers say so and everyone just assumes so. However it is not so.

There is lot considerations with buying rollback truck parts and accessories you have to know to be able to provide a high quality, safe towing service whether it is with towing your own cars or towing others vehicles. A rollback tow truck that has faulty equipments and parts or doesn’t look like it’s going to do its job, is not to convince your customers or help your reputation. Safety is primary concern in the towing business. Already most of the time your rollbacks are used in recovering or minimizing already fragile sometime life and death situations and helping right accidents. So we don’t want rollback tow trucks to worsen the situation with faulty parts, and unsuitable accessories.

In order to be assure yourself, and convince your potential customers, authorities, and onlookers you have to make your rollback truck up to the mark with guaranteed safety and reliability checks on the truck itself and the tow truck’s parts and accessories. This means you have to get the best truck (which you have already got because a rollback tow truck is the best wrecker or recovery service truck in the world), best towing gear (that is to say you should have the most suitable, appropriate essential parts and towing accessories that suits your rollback flatbed tow truck model! ) and well trained and experienced people behind the wheel and operating every aspect of your flatbed tow truck.

Metal D Ring Tie down – Smittybilt Black 3/4″ D-Ring

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d ring tie down If you are looking for a metal D ring or D ring tie down you should be interested in this 3/4″ D ring. This D ring is so popular it is one of the top 100 bestselling automotive items in the popular online store Amazon! This D ring is so much popular it has achieved the:

* Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #71 in Automotive. (An Amazon Top 100 Automotive Product)

* No. 1 Bestselling Product in Amazon.com > Automotive > RV Parts & Accessories > Hitching & Towing category.

* No. 1 Bestselling Product in Amazon.com > Automotive > Exterior Accessories > Towing Products & Winches > Tow Hooks & Straps > Tow Hooks category.

This will be a very good product to use with wreckers and rollback tow trucks.

It’s made in U.S. by Smittybilt and designed for high quality towing. According to the product description this metal D ring tie down has a very high quality make and finish. It’s made with strong material and plated with zinc coating. The D Ring is corrosion resistant with a black finish and built ensured easy installation. Currently shipped only within the U.S. inside diameter of the ring is 2 inches. The exposed width of the pin is 1 3/8 inches. The smooth black finish should work well with tow straps. Other rings with rougher finishes can nick or fray your tow straps.

A new one is price listed as US $12.98 and a used D ring is available for around $8.49. The price is expensive for a D ring but it is a high quality product trusted and bought most. So it has to be a very good and strong d-ring for so many people to buy it.

It not easy to big metal D rings with such high quality and fit for heavy duty flatbed tow trucks in normal hardware stores specially d rings large enough and strong enough metal D-Ring tie down to attach a good big tow strap to the ring on the frame.

check out this black metal 3/4 inch D Ring at Amazon.com

Navistar International Trucks And Models

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International trucks are one of the most famous wreckers and tow trucks. International is the brand name of the truck and they are manufactured by Navistar International Corporation. Navistar through International trucks caters to all indutries and business needs requiring trucks with there broad range and variety of International trucks. In this respect they are similar to Hino trucks brand which is owned by Toyota Motors.

The types of International trucks includes International beverage trucks, International recovery and wrecker trucks (including International Rollback tow trucks, International Mixers, International oil trucks, International garbage trucks for waste collection and International utility trucks.

International trucks have their own brands and models. So it’s easy for one to narrow down the search in International trucks if one is looking for a truck for a specific purpose. You can use their brands, models, weight class and truck class category to easily choose the best Use our simple truck finder to narrow down your search and find the truck that fits your work.

Navistar makes International trucks to cater to these different industries and sectors by having several models of trucks. These International truck models include International 9000 series, International CityStar, Internationa DuraStar trucks not to mention LoneStar and PayStar International trucks. You also find Internation ProStar, TerraStar, TranStar and WorkStar truck series. With so many models manufactured in different ways for market segments and heavy vehicle weight classes. Talking about truck weight classification International makes trucks in Class 4, Class 5, Class 7, Class 8 only. They don’t have light duty trucks like for example Ford’s F150 or so. All International trucks are either medium duty or heavy duty and super or severe duty classified trucks. They are strictly purpose built not as use as passenger trucks or sport utility trucks.

This is a glace at the kind of International trucks available. We didn’t go into detail about International truck models but skimmed the variety and brand names of different kinds of International trucks. Next time you see a International truck you can identify them by their business usage, truck series, gross vehicle weight class or vehicle category.

About Best Flatbed Tow Trucks For Sale

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There are many popular brands and models of flatbed tow trucks for sale that are used by leading recovery and towing companies in the United States, Canada, Europe and elsewhere. Listed here are some of the most popular flatbed rollback tow trucks with some of the noted feature and prices of these flatbed trucks. While some of these truck models at the affordable end of the market or used older tow trucks can be found for less than $10,000 the prices and cost of buying them increase easily to $50,000 and greater for newer vehicles with the flatbed and rollback. And in the case of amazing International CXT tow truck which has one of the highest towing capacity in the world of 40,000 pounds, can cost about $ 120,000.

The flatbed tow trucks also known as rollback tow trucks or just rollbacks are available in many good popular models at more affordable prices and more practical for day to day towing needs in cases such as a vehicle breakdown or a road accident. Some of the popular flatbed brands include Toyota, Hummer and Ford flatbeds. The Ford F-350 Super Duty ranks high towing capacity wise with a towing capacity of around 19,500. This is very good because if you compare it with other popular recovery trucks and wrecker tow trucks, Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty is rated at 16,400 lb (7,400 kg) max and Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 3500HD is at 16,500 lb (7,500 kg) max towing capacity.

Another noted flatbed tow trucks model is the GMC Sierra. It has a engine equipped with a huge 6.6-liter turbo diesel and a vehicle towing capacity of about 16,600 pounds. Like the Ford super duty rollback trucks the GMC Sierra also has amazing interiors and seats making driving them comfortable. But the GMC Sierra includes even a Bose speaker system seven one DVD player with a screen of seven inches wide to entertain rear seat occupants and can be folded at their convenience.

Next in the for the flatbed models comes the Chevrolet Silverado. The Chevrolet Silverado flatbed like the GMC Sierra flatbed model has an excellent storage of diesel fuel and lush interiors. It has a slightly higher towing capacity of 16,700 pounds. Chevrolet Silverado flatbed is available for sale at a price of around $ 24,500.

Also some of the other famous models of flatbed tow trucks that are generally used by towing companies in east coast of US in places like New York City include the Doge Ram 3500 flatbed tow truck, The International MXT rollback, the new and improved Toyota Tundra rollback, Nissan Titan King Cab tow truck, Cadillac Escalade EXT tow truck and Hummer H2 SUT flatbeds.

Since flatbed tow trucks are one of the most sold type of recovery trucks, there are many more flatbed towing models and brands that are not listed here or maybe popular outside United States. There is also trucks such as the Hino rollback among other flatbed models not mentioned here. If you want to know any details or prices and cost of the flatbed truck models not listed here drop in a comment in the comment section below, and we will try to find you the information you need.

Please note that this is by no means an complete guide to popular flatbed tow trucks for sale  but a cursory glance of popular flatbed truck models and brands.

Used Commercial Truck Prices

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If you are searching the Internet for a nice ready made list of prices for used commercial trucks you will be disappointed. Whether you search in Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines hundreds of webpages turns up with the promising heading boldly declaring “used commercial truck prices” that look like they will have the details you want. But instead of price lists what they have are listings of various used trucks available on auction on those sites or dealers or classified ads by numerous online and offline truck sellers.

So in order to get a overview of the current used truck price ranges you will have to wade through several truck websites to get a rough idea about the prices of used trucks. Even then you are unlikely to get a good knowledge about the trucks and their prices because it varies depending on the country, location, kind of truck, feature, options and truck brand among other factors. This maybe the reason no one has put up a list about prices. It’s left to be seen who is going to take take up the challenge of putting up a truck prices list.

Meanwhile if you are persistent checking out BuyATruck.net, CommercialTruckTrader.com and UsedTruckListings.com will help you in shopping for truck prices. These are some of the top truck websites on the Internet and have hundereds of commercial and other trucks on sale.

Also the NADA’s guides like the “2010 Official Commercial Truck Guide” is worth checking out if you live in the US. It has 10 years of truck prices from 2001 to 2010. It covers all kinds of trucks from Long Haul 18 wheelers to rollback tow trucks to light-duty cabs and van bodies. And it includes used retail and wholesale and even 10 years of used trailer prices and their estimated new retail pricing. Plus it is updated every month. Worth subscribing to it.

However, in my opinion the best way to go about getting the information you need about market prices of used commercial trucks is to ask someone in your acquaintance or locality who is knows about trucks such as a truck owner, driver or dealer. You are sure to get a better picture about truck prices that way.

Towing Trucks And Wrecker Rollback Tow Trucks Website

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Trucks that are purpose built for towing or lifting and transporting other vehicles in trouble are known as towing trucks. Some call them wreckers, breakdown trucks, breakdown lorry or recovery trucks and they come in several different types, models and brands. Whatever they are these tow trucks our invaluable to us. Whether it is to tow our car in a road emergency such as engine trouble to a repair mechanic or for police and authorities to clear away road accidents and wreckage’s.

And www.WreckerRollbackTowTrucks.com is here to provide tow truck related brand, price and other details for the benefit of tow truck buyers, sellers, customers and enthusiasts. But it contains information and data specifically about the unique kind of towing truck known as about rollback tow trucks or flatbed tow trucks.

Why we have a separate website for this truck alone is because unlike other types of towing trucks (i.e. boom, hook and chain, wheel lift or integrated tow truck models) this doesn’t use the chaining and pulley method to tow vehicles. The rollback trucks (also called a Flatbed or Slide tow trucks) the entire back side of the truck is fitted with a bed and that bed surface which can be hydraulically incline and moved to ground level. You have to drive up the towed vehicle on to the trucks bed/slide surface or pull it onto it using a winch.

If you are searching for towing truck related page, I invite you take some time and browse around the site. You are sure to find it to be very helpful. If you need more information about rollbacks and tow trucks and tow trucks leave a comment in this webpage and let us know. Any other visitor to the site or I will try to help you. Thank you for your visit and make sure check back from time to time in case you leave a comment.

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